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May 18, 2011

Well I might as well start off as I mean to go on....playing devil's advocate!!!!! I'm not one of those early years trainers who believes that just because we've been doing something for 30 years means  its still necessarily the way to still  do it! 


How many planets are there in our solar system?


It might seem like a simple question .......the answer is 8. But it used to be 9!! In 2006 scientists reclassified Pluto and deemed it was too small to be a planet.


If you answered 9, I'm sure youre not alone (I even had to go into my little boys Primary school today and point out their error in the reception theme on space!!!)



My point is that science, by its very nature is ever changing and because the science that we know is just what we know at that point in history we have to be open to readjusting our thinking given new information and ideas...all sounds very similar to what we ask of children in good Early Years practice to me !!


But more importantly I think we need to be constantly reviewing our practice and adapting to new initiatives and ideas. Someone once asked me if I had ever met my ideal setting...and my answer was very clearly no!!! For i believe, quite passionately, that as soon as a setting believes they are ideal (Ofsted Oustanding or not!) they at that point become not practice is about constant reflection and re-evaluation......and an ability to stand up and say...."You know what...I dont think what we are doing is the best i can be doing for the children in my care...I'm going to look for a better way..... even if we "have" done it this way for 30 years!!!!!"




Finally, having delivered a fun, messy and tiring session on Early Years science this Saturday I am still bouyed up by the enthusiasm of those who attended and have renewed passion for scientific thinking being at the heart of good EYFS delivery ( see my guest blog at



What i hope to do is to be regularly adding some "Wow" ideas for science which i have used over the years so as they this space !!!


I really hope over the coming weeks/months/years you like what you read hear and we can work together to share some of the many many great inspiring ideas that are out there to build on best practice in Early Years. Here's to a beautiful friendship.................





A starter for ten..........


 Here's a quicky idea for getting children talking, asking questions, looking and developing scientific ideas .........


Dancing Raisins




This is a really simple idea to keep children amused for ages .

Add a few raisins to a bottle of lemonade (the picture shows a glass but a bottle will last longer) and watch for ages as they dance up and down :) 


If they stop dancing just untwist the lid a bit to make more fizz!!!


This youtube link shows it in more detail 


dancing raisins


Happy experiementing :)


K x




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