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Planning for 
Potential Project

*** Launching November 2019 ***

A unique opportunity to take part in a year long cpd journey to develop child led learning and exciting environments  in early years. Kirstine will guide you through regular video training sessions which are backed up by workbooks to help you document your own professional learning journey, as well as webinars and virtual support. 

What is Planning for Potential?

In an age of “this approach” and “that approach” Kirstine is an advocate of taking a step back and looking at why you do what you do in your setting, with or without adopting a particular way of working. She believes that what works for one setting might not work for another and hence by stripping back the thinking behind your individual approach you can build a way of supporting individual children’s learning through play that works for you.

Planning for potential is exactly as it says, “on the tin”, it advocates a move away from traditional lesson planning and supports the development of enabled environments where there is potential for learning across a wide spectrum of curriculum areas. The project supports staff in understanding why they use particular resources and develops their abilities to look for quality learning within children’s explorations of the environment. 

Training videos

As well as modules on enabling environments and your unique children, the project also offers specific training on planning for potential in maths, literacy and outdoor learning. AS with all of Kirstine’s face to face training the videos will include lots of practical idea of how to implement the project on a budget. 


Subscription to the project gives secure access to the training materials for the duration of the year long project. Should you join after the project start date you will gain access to any videos already released and have access to the materials until the overall project end date, via our members only website.

Settings can choose to pay by one off payment of £650 or 12 monthly payments of £62.50 (total annual fee of £750 – only available with online subscription). 


For your money you will receive:

6 x 45-60 min training videos

6 x Project workbooks

6 x Webinars

3 x Project e-magazines

1 year of virtual training support via email
   and social media links 

*** Watch this space for launch details ***

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