This is how we do it

CoEL in Early Years

Written by:  Kirstine Beeley

Published by:  Kirstine Beeley

ISBN:  978-0995531505

This is how we do it is Kirstine's first self published title. This eagerly awaited book challenges traditional approaches and offers a practical exploration of Characteristics of Effective Learning within the EYFS. The pages are jam-packed with pictures and ideas of how you might cost effectively offer exciting, open-ended opportunities for children to develop lifelong learning skills within your own provision.

Order your copy now for only £15.99 plus P&P!​

Here's what some readers said:

"Book arrived this morning and couldn't put it down. Read from beginning to end already. Very inspiring love it and know our setting will be using quite a few ideas."

"Wow! For me, it's perfect. Made me feel that after many years stranded on an island, there are others out there who also think it's more than okay to get 'down & dirty' with stuff from Steptoe's Yard rather than ICT, Tapestry and adult directed plans and art works... Can't thank you enough, it's by far the best EY's book I've ever bought, and it's going to be on the required reading list for all our staff, however, I know it won't be a chore, I think they'll want to buy their own copies too. "

"Kirstine I love your book. There are so many great points in it especially about praising the process of learning, rather than the end product... I have read it fast with enthusiasm, I will read it again now slower to pick up things I missed."

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