Planning for Play

Child Led Inquiry in Early Years

Written by:  Kirstine Beeley

Published by:  Kirstine Beeley

ISBN:  978-0995531512

This is Kirstine's second self publish book and the long awaited follow up to the hugely successful "This is how we do it". ​ Once again Kirstine looks at best practice in early years and challenges some traditional views of teaching. Ever passionate about child led learning, Kirstine explores how to plan your environment to ensure all children make good progress whilst having fun and drawing on natural curiosity and willingness to learn. As with the previous publication, this too is crammed full of photographs and ideas for use in your setting. The useful small size format giving a great dip-in resource for any early years practitioners, early years lead or head teacher. 

Order your copy now for only £15.99 plus P&P!​

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