4 Jan 2016






Over the past year there have been many opinions expressed by trainers, practitioners, managers and advisers about whether you need to have specific areas within your setting or not. Thought it was about time that I added my thoughts into the mix !


More specifically I wanted to look at whether we need a specific maths area in our early years settings. Some have been told they definately do need them and others use the arguement that if maths is everywhere then why do we need them at all? My views on the matter have developed as a direct result of our own journey in our setting to provide the best maths provision we can.


Over the pas...

1 Jan 2016




As 2016 begins, I am looking back on 2015 and some of the issues I have been asked to address time and again. One such issue is that of mathematics in the outdoor environment. A common myth in Early Years seems to be  that maths cannot possibly happen outdoors without laminated ( or plastic) numberlines and that their sole existance ensures maths undertstanding will definately happen! Sorry to be a myth buster but this is NOT the case (despite what some advisors will have you believe). Here I hope to show that maths outdoors is a whole lot more than any manufactured numberline and to save you the tedium of having to laminate to within an i...

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